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3 Reasons to Buy Airsprung Beds

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Nowadays, the importance of a bed, in the quality of human sleep, is largely understood. It is already known, that a good mattress can influence your life in many ways. This happens mainly because of the effects that sleep has over a human’s life. If you constantly have a good sleep then, the quality of your life will certainly rise dramatically. On the other hand, bad sleep can slowly destroy your life. That is why you should research companies, like Airsprung Beds, which offer high-quality products like the double memory foam mattress. It is a very well-known manufacturer and you can find its products in almost every online or offline retail store.


Memory foam is a revolutionary material for the industry. When it is used in mattresses it offers so many benefits by raising the quality of your sleep and the way it sustains the body. It is the most popular choice nowadays and it deserves all the praise. Although with the raise in technology more types of mattresses will sooner or later reach the same level because they are not very far off.

Will Airsprung Beds Offer the Size You Want?

The diversity in the sizes of the mattresses, Airsprung Beds sells, is incredible. Most of its competitors specialize in a small category of sizes. But with almost 150 years of experience in this market, it would have been hard to not have products of every size. It doesn’t matter if you need a small single bed for your child or a double memory foam mattress for you and your partner, the company will surely have what you want.


It has both small single and small double, as well as a king-size or super king-size bed for you to choose from. If you search online, you will find out that most shops offer the option to select the sizes you are interested in and it doesn’t matter what size you choose because you will always find mattresses from Airsprung.

Do It Use the Material You Want?

It has anything from spring to memory foam. It makes mattresses for anyone’s taste. For spring there are bonnell coils, that are the most common and the first one to be used, offset coils, that use a hinging effect to conform with the shape of the body, continuous coil which are made from a single piece and have a similar effect to offset coils, and marshall coils, named and pocket springs because the mattress is separated in little units and the springs do not interact with each other.


This makes possible to press a unit without affecting the shape of all the mattress. They are the most popular ones from all the spring types and the benefits they offer are the closest ones to memory foam. Airsprung also uses other types of materials like reflex foam, which has a medium firmness and the material is a high-density polyurethane, and latex foam, which can be natural or synthetic. Although memory foam remains for the moment the material that offers the best benefits.

What Benefits an Airsprung’s Double Memory Foam Mattress Offer?

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There are two types of benefits you can get from sleeping on a double memory foam mattress . Direct ones that are physical benefits and indirect ones which come from the increased sleep quality you get.

1. Physical benefits. Because the material conforms to your body, the pressure, that would otherwise be concentrated in two or three parts of the body, is instead distributed all over it. Because of this, morning aches disappear and the body can relax more, which offers much more energy during the day.


2. Higher sleep quality. Being able to enter, more easily and for a longer period, in a deep sleep state, helps the brain to rest better while it can more easily repair the damage your body suffers during the day. This will enhance your concentration ability and the level of creativity you can reach. At the same time, your reaction speed and awareness will be increased over time.

With a long history based on making only high-quality products and very rich experience, Airsprung Beds is one of the best bed manufacturers you will find on the market. And the best part for you is the fact that it has almost every type of product you may want. Most of their competitors specialize in certain products and because of this reason they can’t compare with the number of different options. If you are not sure what size or material you want then you can check an online shop and see all the possibilities. You will surely find one on your liking.

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