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What Detection Systems Do You Need for Oil and Gas Surveillance?

Why Should You Try the Fire Detection Camera Instead of Sensors?

The oil and gas industries are one of the largest ones nowadays. The profits in this industry are enormous. But the risk is big as well. So, you need to try your best and reduce the risks as much as possible. One of the most popular and essential methods is through an oil and gas surveillance system. Nowadays, you can make use of fire detection cameras to provide thermal vision to find a fire much faster than waiting for the sensors to kick in. There are several advantages that you should consider, and that may convince you to update your systems. They will not only increase the security of you company, but they will also keep you safe in case of an accident.

• Fire prevention. Unlike a sensor, you will always be able to know if it works or not. If a sensor does not work, then a big fire may arise, and your company and employees will be harmed. On the other hand, you can always know if the thermal vision cameras work properly. And this will increase the chances of preventing any fire from rising up. And this is only the first increase in security that you will get from such an update.


• Speed. The second improvement is the reaction speed of your surveillance systems. Your sensors will need to detect the fir before any measure will be taken. And to do that, smoke must reach them, of the heal level to rise above a certain level. On the other hand, the thermal cameras will be able to detect the fire from the moment that it appeared. Also, they will be able to react instantly, reducing the change of the danger from spreading to other areas.

• Culprit detection. The largest advantage that the thermal cameras have over the sensor-based system is the ability to find out the culprits. You will be able to defend yourself easier in case your company is sued because a fire happened in the company. It will be easy for you to prove that you are innocent.


Three Different Types of Fire Detection Camera!

With a little research, you will find out that there are many different models of a fire detection camera on the market. So, all you need to do is to study them and find out the one that is most suitable for your company and for your needs. Three models are at the top of the market and that you may be interested in.

• Aeron ranger. The Aeron platform is specially designed for most mid-range applications. For this reason, it is the ideal choice for the oil and gas industry. The ranger model is based on uncooled thermal technology. Keep in mind that it does not have a very high sensitivity, and it is best used for the areas where a small fire is will not create a big one in a second. The distance of this model is also the smallest, and it may not be able to detect a small fire for a long distance.


• Aeron ranger LR. The ranger LR version uses advanced uncooled technology. It can be said that it is an upgrade that increases the maximum range by a large amount. So, even if a camera does not work, then you can still use this model as a replacement until the other camera is repaired.

• Aeron searcher. This model uses the new cooled thermal technology. The largest advantage of this model is the precision that can be very important for your company. The cooled thermal technology provides much higher sensitivity and, in turn, a much higher precision. You can make use of this to extinguish a potential fire even before it starts. Better said, extinguish it at the moment after it starts. The disadvantage of the models that use this technology is the price. It is much higher, and it will cost you more to maintain the cameras in a perfect state.

Now, all you have to do is to research your company, decide to change your surveillance systems, and take the required measurements. You will need to decide how many cameras do you need, as well as what models you want. Keep security in your mind and try to use the cooled thermal cameras for the most sensitive places in the company. But the system will need to have other components as well.


Other Components That You Oil and Gas Surveillance Will Need!

The internal surveillance will require the extinguishing method, and the alarms needed to deal with any potential fire. Because of the risks of the industry, it would be best to always keep up with the advancement in technology. The better your oil and gas surveillance and prevention systems are, the lower the risk that your company will have an accident that will lose you a lot of money. But besides the internal surveillance, you should also take into consideration the external surveillance.

The biggest problem for oil and gas companies nowadays are drones. They can be used to fly over your company at any time. A drone can easily spy on your company, or even worse, creates direct troubles for it. For example, it can directly provoke a fire. This can be very dangerous, and you should not underestimate the danger that drones are for your company.

Luckily there is a solution. You can find on the market cameras that are equipped with a counter UAV device. This means that the camera not only can detect any drone that comes to your company. But it can also track it and identify it as a potential danger. After the identification it’s done, the camera will use the counter UAV technology to send the drone away or to drop it from the sky. Bu using these types of cameras, you will be able to keep your company safe both inside and outside.

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