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Why Is Osiris the Best Alternative of Long Range Surveillance Camera?

What Should You Know About Long Range Cameras?

Long range cameras are the most used by the military. A long range surveillance camera can provide clear images from a very long distance. There are many different types of such cameras, but not all of them are the top ones. Moreover, such cameras must be able to film in at least two mods. Surveillance is not only made in the daytime. It can also be needed in the night and in other low light environments. So, there are three modes through which a camera can provide useful surveillance images.

• Normal vision. This is the standard mod through which a camera works. The vision and images provided by this mod are similar to the human eye. Cameras that can film at very long distances can be zoomed to offer a very detailed image from thousands of meters away. But this type of vision needs the same amount of light as the human eye. If the light is not enough, then the quality of the images will drop.


• Low light vision. These types of cameras are created especially for night surveillance and for low light environments. In the military, the need for such cameras is quite high. Especially, low light cameras that are also able to provide footage from long distances. The best low light cameras that you will be able to find can provide low light images with the same intensity as the cameras that have normal vision.

• Thermal vision. This type of camera is the most technologically advanced. They are not only able to film in low light environments, but they are also able to film behind obstacles. Three different technologies can be used for these cameras. But for long range surveillance, the cooled thermal technology is the most used one. Why? Because it can detect living beings from very long distances, similar to normal cameras. The only disadvantage is the lack of details from the footage. For example, you will not be able to see the face of the humans in the footage.


Why Does Homeland Security Must Use Long Range Cameras?

One of the most prevalent uses of long range cameras in the military is for homeland security. There are generally two types of uses for cameras that can fil very long distances. The first one is the defensive use. For example, a military base will not only need surveillance for the base’s interior. It also needs surveillance for the exterior of the base. It needs surveillance for long distances. It must be able to detect any threat long before it reaches the base.

The second use of this type of camera is offensive. Surveillance is not only a defensive tool. It can also be used for offensive purposes. For example, an enemy base can be kept under surveillance from kilometers away. The enemies will not even be able to detect the cameras, and they will have no idea that they are under surveillance. A lot of information can be gained from this process, and the military will be more prepared against the enemy. They will be able to create the best strategies for both defense and offense. The military will know the best method to defend against a potential attack. As well as how to strike an offense. In both cases, the losses will be much lower, and many lives will be saved by a top-notch surveillance system.

Be it defense or offense, all three types of filming mods can be used. Normal cameras will be used during the day, and thermal or low light vision will be used during the night. Be it day or night, the moves of the enemy will always be known. The role of the cameras used for long range surveillance in these operations can’t be underestimated because many lives will be saved due to these cameras.


How to Choose the Best Long Range Surveillance Camera Model for Your Application?

Now that you know the importance of a long range surveillance camera , you may wonder which models are the best on the market. The first thing that you should know is your needs. Every application needs different cameras. If you choose the wrong ones, then the efficiency of the surveillance system will drop, or it may even fail. For this reason, you need to make a research and ensure that understand exactly what type of camera do you need.

The best alternatives on the market are the Osiris models. Three models are better than every other option. And they can provide you with double or even triple vision. You will get a long range camera that can film in at least two of the three mods. These models are:

• Osiris ranger. This camera is equipped with a normal and thermal vision as well. It is one of the top cameras found on the market, and it can detect humans through a thermal vision from up to 4.9km and vehicles from up to 15km. It is using the standard uncooled technology. So, the thermal vision will have a lower range in comparison with the rest of the models. So, if you need to use thermal vision extensively, then you should look for the advanced models.


• Osiris searcher. Another long range platform that has two cameras integrated. It has a thermal zoom of up to 300mm and a normal one of 1000mm, and if you are going to use an extender it can reach 2000mm. Also, it is integrated with harmonic drive gears, and it has a pan and tilt speed that ca be as low as 0.02° per second.

• Osiris ranger LR. This model is very similar to the standard one. The biggest difference is the thermal cameras that use the advanced uncooled technology instead of the standard version. But this upgrade will double the distance from which the camera can detect humans. The maximum distance will reach up to 10km.

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